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Welcome to SilverState55, your helmet & minihelmet collecting resource.  We have everything from helmet references to How-To articles available for your convenience.

**UPDATE 26 August 2008 - JUST ADDED: More helmet photos in the HELMETS section! Check them out!**

This is a hobbyist website.  If you are looking for specific information on older helmets, please try Helmet Hut.  Curtis Worrell is THE pre-eminent authority on older helmets, and this site is only a general hobbyist one by nature.  This site does NOT offer any refurbished helmets for sale, nor do we supply any helmets for any competitive use; we do NOT paint helmets for ANYONE either.  If you are looking for football helmets for competitive use, please refer to your regional dealer.

This site uses JavaScript popup windows for extended item details, which enables you to learn additional details about a specific product, as well as see several detail photos, and not disrupt your visit. If have "Anti-Popup/Popup Blocker" software enabled, please hold down your <CTRL> key on your keyboard when you click on links in order to see the popup pages.

Background/Profile:  SilverState55 started with collecting helmets and minihelmets of a few professional teams.  The helmet bug had bitten hard and the collection grew tremendously; in addition to Chargers helmets/minis, other items were obtained that represented defunct and obscure leagues (WLAF, WFL, USFL, XFL, Arena, to mention a few).

When first collecting full-size helmets & minihelmets, inaccurate details on many of these helmets caused a tremendous amount of frustration.  This led to researching helmet details and into the construction/use of helmets in general.  A proprietary and proven refurbishing method was even developed for display helmets.

** A note to former customers who have purchased any helmet from us in the past: If you are having problems with the decals lifting or peeling, or separating from the adhesive, please contact us. Thank you! **